think spring.

hello honeypots,

the other day i noticed that the garden bed next to our house had little green bulbs sticking out of the weather beaten mulch. didn’t seem possible with the 20 degree temps outside and the foul weather related moods of everyone north of virginia. it’s just been so grey. i try really hard not to complain about the weather … but this winter just won’t quit, so really complaining and keeping your weather app on refresh are the only options.

things are looking up though. we are seeing temps in the 50s (amen) and today is the first day of spring!

i hesitate to even let myself go there mentally — the sunshine and flowers and outdoorsness (not a word, don’t care) — but it’s a-coming and it’s time to think about the season at hand.¬†since this spring will be bringing us lots of big changes via one little baby … i came up with another simple seasonal to do list (just like the fall five and winter wonder) i’m calling think spring.



something with fruit.

don’t get me wrong – i am all chocolate, all the way. but even i like to mix up my baking game by adding a little fruit when the season is right. you can tell by my choices where my head’s at. i want strawberries and i want them now.

the strawberry lemon cookie pie (yes, apparently cookie pie is a thing) from life love and sugar¬†looks delicious and has the added benefit of being no bake (a serious advantage with a baby on your hip, i’d imagine?) i love breakfast and sometimes on the weekends i get fancy and bake something. i like that these skinny strawberry muffins from kitchen meets girl are light on the guilt. and, lastly, my mind is blown by these carmelized pineapple quesadillas with spicy strawberry salsa from how sweet eats. i want to try them immediately. i’ll wait til i can enjoy them with a tall margarita.


your home feel lighter.

two weeks ago i started adding fresh flowers to every grocery trip and i highly recommend it. trader joe’s has an amazing selection for great prices (just one among millions of reasons why i love that place). i should do this year round, it makes me that happy, but i don’t. i do wish i knew how to arrange them better … i’m still just a novice florist. with adding flowers, i’ve also been removing things. like the dark red comfy christmas blanket. still have to have a comfy blanket, right? say what you will about pottery barn (awful customer service, shipping dates that are further out than my next dental appt, etc.) but their blankets are the best.


pastels. florals. tanning wipes.

much like sleeping on my stomach and alcohol, i miss j.crew. they have a maternity line, true, but they also have the ‘collection’ and i don’t shop either. i miss my classics kicked up a notch. i look forward to buying a few fun staples, like this photo floral tee. its been proven that tanner = happier. these tanning wipes are the best thing i have found for applying self tanner and not looking like a fool afterwards. i discovered them a few years ago and i use them religiously now before any event from october to may. try them, you won’t regret it. and if you do, you only spent $10 to look like an oompa loompa. kidding. oh, zara, your European sensibility, clean lines and simplicity got me again. i don’t shop here enough. but for reals, how pretty is that guipure lace top in pretty pastel blue? more than likely i’ll be rotating between pajamas and sweatpants for most of the early spring. they come in pastels, too, right?



no need to get fancy, just spend a little time in your own backyard with your family. before you do, best to hit up target or ikea for a little outdoor refresh. here are my fave finds at each place.

with a proper backyard of our very own to mess around in, matt and i can’t wait to get out there and plant some flowers and till the earth. or throw out some flower boxes. yeah, we’ll do that. i l-o-v-e these stone planters from target. we have some old metal patio furniture that we will use as a stand by, but i’d love to have the kind of backyard that feels more like an outdoor living room than a patio. can’t you see this hogsten chair from ikea in my outdoor living room? me too. now just to convince the other half. even if nothing at all happens out there, i can’t wait to throw down a blanket and plop a chubby little baby down on it.


treat yo self.

to highlights, to a manicure, to a drastic haircut. that’s my plan for a little pre-baby self indulgence and i’m looking for inspiration in my b.e.a.utiful board on pinterest.

i might go all kim kardashian and get these summery blonde highlights post-baby. why not? i’m getting a manicure and pedicure this weekend and want to get something fun, like this multi-colored inspiration. i would love to make this a regular habit, but i just don’t and probably won’t anytime soon. i am unnecessarily stressing myself out with a potential hair chop. it was predictable really, i get this itch every 8 months or so. i’ve had ‘the sienna miller’ before and i truly loved it. but, life with baby u might intercede here and command the practical pony tail. we shall see.

wasn’t that fun? go ahead, think spring.


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